Content Syndication - who do you use?

Hey all,

As the sole person really pushing for webinars in my immediate org, I am running into bandwidth issues with other responsibilities piling up.

What services do you use to create webinar content when you run out of bandwidth but know you need to get one out? i.e. full content syndication and promotion where they get the presenter, do the promotion, and send you the leads.



I'd love to know as well. Good to have someone to lean on in a crunch.

At a previous company I used an MC to run webinars. He's a professional radio personality but at an affordable price - he's not only fantastic with dealing with all of the normal things (tech issues, awkward speakers, etc), he's knowledgable about a number of subjects and people LOVE him. He has a professional set up with sound board, nice background set up, professional grade lighting, etc. so it's not some guy in a basement.

He helps the speaker develop the flow of their talk, where polls should go, what you're looking to get out of the webinar and gives great recommendations. He's helped influence the flow of webinars that generated me 400-600 leads.

He doesn't source speakers or generate leads directly, although he can make recommendations and has a vast network across many industries.

If you're interested, reach out and say Christina Zuniga sent you. He's AMAZING:

Curious as to how other folks are doing this as it is on our list for next year. Thanks.

While this may not cover all the parts of a webinar like promotion, you could always try partnering with an industry organization or a notable industry professional and let them do a webinar on your platform to your audience.

Some trade publications produce webinars and leverage their subscriber lists to promote the webinar, which may bring in more leads

we use a mix of approaches - outsource everything to an analyst firm - though that gets expensive, partner with strong media companies - HBR, TDWI etc depending on the audience/topic and also working with our technology partners to have them host webinars instead of us.

We are just starting to look into syndication as well. There are a few industry related sites we have looked into however it really all depends on your budget. I'm testing if promoting to various LinkedIn groups will have any effect on our registration. Interested to see what others use.

We work with our partner companies to spread the webinar workoad, and alternate hosting webinars. The company that hosts does most of the heavy lifting in terms of promotion, and content. It's essential to have that hand off, so the burden of the full webinar process doesn't just fall to one person.

This might be case dependent, but sometimes we have members propose a topic which includes writing the description, reaching out to speakers, and doing the outreach with their network. For our purposes, the topic does need to be vetted by our content committee to make sure the proposed webinar isn't just a sales-pitch - but if that is not a concern to you and you have members, perhaps having them develop the content is a great way for them to promote their organization as well.

We also use pardot to send out a global email blast. We have increased our registration count significantly by using this program.

Fortunately, we have different departments which work together - our research team helps us with content because of their publications. Our marketing and communications team handles promotion etc.

Hope this helps.

If you are unable to work with trade publications--- I would suggest creating your own social amplify pod. Meaning, In the same way that instagram pods work, I would try and find/create a group of partners, either vendors/ realted companies/ customers that are within the same industry and come up with a social syndication strategy to amplify each others content for free. Obviously it would need to be relevant to the audience and not be a direct competitor this way there could be some cross channel amplifcation.

Sponsoring webinars with industry publications or membership organizations is a great way to add leads to any lead generation plan with minimal effort. Many times as a sponsor you get to present for 2-3 minutes tying your brand and driving awreness while getting those critial leads to follow-up on.

We cross collateralise with our presenters audiences so sharing across networks, win win for both

We just cross work with other departments to maximize the reach especially in new markets.

Thanks, everybody for your replies. Lots of great insight here.

I am using mostly my colleagies experiences for webinar content and then based on Paid Social promotion I get my leads

I am also the sole person really pushing for webinars in my immediate org. We do have a team of business development specialists that work closely with the different industry groups at our company. I actually put together a training webinar specifically for those specialists, to help them learn how to use ON24 and get content from their groups. It's been a huge help.

Remember to utilize your speakers for promotion! You also will need to pick and choose which ones are performing the best and rein back a bit. Resourcing is always one of those big issues that isn't an easy fix. You may also want to hire an outside agency to handle webinar builds and extra work - possibly some of the work that you are getting bogged down with so that you have more free time to build webinars!

Partner up with other companies or industry analyst.

We work with our partners for content. Also, we refurbish trade show presentations and turn them into webinars. What about turning your customer case stories into webinars?